Pleasing God through your life’s ambitions

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We live in a world of ambition whereby both Christians and non-Christians are
ambitious over life’s dreams.
Ambition is a strong desire to do or achieve something in life. It is one’s will or desire to accomplish or achieve a goal through a process that demands hard work, passion and determination. An ardent desire for rank, fame or power. When one eagerly desires to achieve or obtain success, power, wealth or a goal for distinction, we call that ambition.
It is important to note that purpose is different from ambition. Purpose is an intention, aim or function of something. It is the designated reason for which God created man.
You are still living today because that mission is not yet accomplished. So if ambition is a desire to achieve something, then that thing should be your life’s purpose (Jeremiah 1:5).

This is to say that there is ambition because there is purpose. When purpose is identified and embraced, ambition is bound to set in with a focus. When you have not known your purpose, ambition becomes ambiguous. Now when purpose is identified and ambition is lacking, achievements and acceleration stagnates. Ambition then is meant to work hand in glove with purpose.

How to pursue your ambitions in a way pleasing to God?

  • Love God: Your first ambition should be to glorify and serve God wholeheartedly (Eccl. 12:13; Deuteronomy 6:5). Purpose, ambition and your very self comes from God, all for His glory. God’s glory should be the heart of your ambitions.
  • Find your Purpose : This will help your ambitions to be after the fulfilment of that purpose and not the world’s suggestion of what you should pursue. Find the reason God created you and pursue it. Where is your own domain to
    dominate (Gen. 1:28).
  • Maintain Integrity: Refuse to sell your faith because of your ambitions. Remember Joseph in Potiphar’s house. He could just give in to Potiphar’s wife so that through her, he will easily become the great man of his dreams
    (Gen. 39: 6-12). This is to tell you that if you will diligently obey God’s command and not compromise, you will accomplish your purpose as He promised in Deut. 28:1-2. But if you sell your conscience and turn from your
    faith, frustration awaits you like was the case of Samson (Judges 14). Many Christian today sell their consciences by getting married to unbelievers, muslims, or people that do not fit their calling simply because they are rich.
    This cannot please God and when God is not pleased with you, life becomes
    a mess (Ps 1:6b).
  • Avoid bad company : 1 Corinthians 15:33 says “don’t be fooled by those who say such things, for ‘bad company corrupts good character”. Nothing corrupts dreams as bad company. Nothing weakens passion and misleads ambitions like bad friends. Keep a few friends who know, understand, and support your dreams.
  • Believe Your worth: Believe you can make it to that expected end,
    irrespective of your background and past experience.

Nothing makes life worth living as knowing why you were created. Nothing gives excitement like pursuing that original plan. Your ambition is what it takes to reach that expected end. It is like the fuel that will keep the lamp of your destiny burning.
Do not give up on your ambitions but let Prov. 3:5-6 be at the centre of it all that the one who gave you that ability to be ambitious will be glorified. It may delay, but will surely happen. You might have failed today, but remember that failure is one of the servants to success; to have failed for 99 days does not mean you will fail the 100th
attempt. Remember many are the plans in a man’s heart but only the Lord’s purpose prevails (Prov. 19:21). So stay tight to him.


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