We are struck by the fact that Christianity is disappearing more and more in order to make room not only for religion but also for religious fanaticism. More and more churches are succumbing to corruption. Spiritual leaders who break destiny and block new wine while forgetting that you cannot put new wine in a wineskin if the one is not new. The stagnation of the spirit of God is also growing. The disappearance of love for neighbor and the establishment of an exploitative activism of sheep and guillotines in the Church are increasingly profiled.

Therefore not as a church, nor as rebels to the spread of the gospel, but as elect among the people led by the spirit of God we arise (not to destroy, nor to lay a stone upon whom whatever, because it is not with this mandate that we have been invested but led by the Holy Spirit). So that Christians all over the planet can come into contact with the spirit of God because it is the will of God.

The work of our lord is silent as tremble in the face of the firing of the enemy. Yet our lord tells us that he has already accomplished everything, that the adversary the god of this world has already been defeated.
Faced with such realities, which do not reflect the truth about the Christian’s own identity, Christians increasingly lose their faith and therefore their communion with the spirit of God.

Yet the spirit of God has been given to us in order to exercise the will of God. Because only he can teach us about the personality of our lord and savior and reveal to us the thought of the father for us. This is why we do not come by our own strength, but led by the spirit of God, to remind Christians of his true mission.