The church exists to introduce people to Jesus Christ, and therefore we constantly need to come up with church outreach ideas. Coming up with projects and carrying them on for the growth of the church is essential for evangelism. At Christ universe, we have challenged ourselves to reach people in our communities through outreach ministry.

  1. Leadership training project

Christ Universe objective centers around developing Christian Leaders to believe in themselves and aspire to building kingdom-focused churches in line with the Great Commission.

The Church is experiencing exponential growth and for this reason this growth should be matched with leadership that should propel the growth in a healthy direction, the kingdom of God. These leaders should be developed to meet this need so that the church can fulfill the Great Commission.

We have a project to train and equip 1 500 leaders and 50 leaders’ trainers in a year. And we need a building structure and teaching materials to carry out this project.  If you wish to chip in something to promote this project, you can contact us via the contact form. s

  • Church building project

Building the church has been a part of Christ universe ministries since its inception as churches have been built through the tithes of the ministry. Every month we give out a percentage from the offering, donation and tithes we received to pastors, who are seeking financial help to construct their churches especially those in the villages and in remote areas. So, the offering and gifts you graciously give is not just used for our ministry alone but for other churches too.

We have so many churches we are planning to build but we do not have the necessary finances to carry out this project successfully. If you wish to bless souls through our ministry, you can send donations here online by clicking on donate and filling the necessary information.

  • Needy project (hear the voice of the needy) 

James 1:27 teaches that pure religion is demonstrate through helping the most needy and vulnerable in our world. How do we “look after orphans and widows in their distress?” Christ Universe is committed in serving orphans and widows. We lay emphasis on serving widows and orphans by organizing activities through which people can reach out to help the less fortunate. We have activities such as Orphans and Widows Awareness Sunday, Orphan sponsorship, Orphans Christmas, etc.  During this wonderful time of gift-giving, many individuals will reach out to help the less privileged.

Richard Stearns, head of World Vision, wrote a book titled “The Hole in our Gospel.” In it he argues that faith is not just about going to church, studying the Bible and avoiding sins. It is about reclaiming the world for Christ and showing the compassion of God for the “least of these.” Providing for those in need does not diminish us or our resources. Its multiples them. Believing the verse, “Give and it will be given unto you.” If you are touched to send a helping hand to the needy through our ministry, don’t hesitate.