effect of the source of life in us

The effect of the source of life in us

John 4:1-42

The encounter of Jesus with the Samaritan woman, a whole story of life
Leaving Judea for Galilee, Jesus stops in a town in Samaria and asks a woman for water. A whole story of why water should not be given by her will be told, following which Jesus tells her how much better water he himself is.

What do you think mama? Having given the benefits of her water to him, the lady is convinced of his need and his lack but until then for the wrong reason because for her the only benefit is to no longer return to the well but to produce it.

Fortunately, the lady asks Jesus despite it being for the wrong reason: give me this water, her request instantly joins the word of the Lord in these terms: when you ask believe that you have it received…[ask and you will be given].

In fact, Jesus said, whoever drinks the water that I will give him will never be thirsty and the water that I will give him will become in him a source of water that will well up into eternal life (14). Jesus just gives water, it is in us that the transformation of water into a source of water takes place (do you understand or not?)

This means that others must be able to draw from us, we are distributors once we have received the water from Jesus. This water is given in different ways because, in the specific case of the woman, the water she had received was called: TRUTH; why when Jesus asks her the question about her husband she answers without any explanation, any reasoning: I have NO husband (I am very single, no contract contracted…)

And Jesus answered him: …in that, you spoke the truth. The water/truth working in her, she was already producing fruits worthy of what she had received, her source was gushing up, and it was no longer just the water she had received

From verse 28 this woman will upset the calendar because the harvest was supposed to take place in 4 months, but her evangelism campaign: “Come and see a man who told me everything that I have done; is this not the Christ?” had hastened the harvest. People came to listen to Jesus, Samaritans in addition to the small precision.

The woman had to drink this water to enter into her accomplishment. The fountain of Christ’s water in us reveals who we are and what we must accomplish

You have to read in order to understand…

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