Practice of prayer

The practice of Prayer

Text: Mathew 6: 5-15

Jesus warned against repetitive prayers because that is the way the heathens pray. The Lord’s prayer, which some have contented should be called ‘the Disciples’ prayer’, teaches what the content of prayer should look like. Every well-cooked stew has certain salient ingredients that make it salivating. Also, prayer  should have the ingredients of adoration; enforcement of the reign and supremacy of God on earth; a mention of our needs; genuine forgiveness of the sins of those who have erred against us, and some spiritual warfare in favor of deliverance from evil.

We must take time to examine the content of our prayer. We must check it out whether we are praying the mind of Christ or otherwise. However, it is only when we pray the mind of Christ that we can receive rest and assurance that all is well.Prayer: Lord, teach me to give trust of Your word. Help me to believe in your promise of your coming kingdom. Help me to walk with conviction and to pray without ceasing. In the matchless name of Christ Jesus, Amen

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