We have this hope

We have this Hope

Text: Hebrews 6:13-20

An athlete who desires to win a medal does not only stop at the level of ‘wishing to win’, he must engage himself in fervent training and discipline. The Christian hope should keep the believe from becoming weak and discouraged. Today’s text gives two reasons why it is impossible for God to tell lies; these reasons should also make it impossible for our hope to die (v. 18): First, God has an unchanging nature. By nature, God is love, good and true. His love for you is so immerse that His goodness will ever manifest in your life; and He is so truthful that He cannot lie. Hence, He swore by Himself, since no one is greater than Him. Second, God’s promises are yea and amen. He promised Abraham a son and He brough this promise to pass even in his old age (Genesis 15:4; 17:16; 21:1-3); He promised to give His Son to redeem humankind and He fulfilled it (Isaiah 9:6-7; Mathew 2:1-2; John 3:16); He promised us the Holy Spirit, and also fulfilled this (John 14:16-18; Acts 2:1-4). So beloved, be hopeful that what He promised you or your family, He will do. Be patient and focused.

Prayer: Dear God, You know my heart and all the things I so much desire, today I commit them to You. Father, please give me hope in times of uncertainty and despair. Help me to trust in Your plan for my life and to have faith that everything will work out. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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